Auditions for “Murder Ballad” November 8 and 9 at 7pm

Auditions for Murder Ballad to be held November 8th and 9th at 7 PM at Pyramid Studios 1910 Commonwealth Lane, Tallahassee, FL.

Please bring 16 bars of sheet music and prepare your own song. Additional singing sides will be provided at the auditions.

Rehearsal Schedule

Monday – Friday, 7-10pm. There will be breaks in this schedule for holidays.
Show Dates: January 7-9 and 14-16, 2016

About the show
A steamy exploration of the complications of love, the compromises we make, and the betrayals that undo us. “Murder Ballad” is the dramatic story of a love triangle gone wrong, centering on Sara, an uptown girl who seems to have it all — but whose downtown past lingers enticingly and dangerously in front of her.

The storyteller, providing all the transitions between the various scenes, and occasionally speaking for the characters themselves. Philosophical, poetic, and a little opinionated.
Female, 20-55 yrs old
Range: F3 – E5

Once Tom’s lover, she is an ambitious starving artist and musician. Initially depressed, and jaded towards men after a sordid relationship. Michael helps her find happiness again through their marriage, from which she eventually strays.
Female, 25-40 yrs old
Range: E3 – E5

A poetry PhD who Sara elicits, and her eventual husband. Sweet and calming, he is willing to provide nothing but the best for those he loves. He shows how cold he can become when he finds out about Sara’s affair.
Male, 30-45 yrs old
Range: F#2 – A4

Sara’s first lover, an ambitious starving artist and actor. His alcoholism, constant affairs, and general selfishness put a strain on his relationships. He becomes obsessed and stalker-like in his mannerisms toward Sara.
Male, 25-40 yrs old
Range: G2 – F#

Photos from “Last Five Years”

Please enjoy these photos from our inaugural production of “The Last Five Years” from July 2015.



Kathy – Adelina Mitchell

Jamie – Aaron Wesolowski