The Prom – Video Auditions Now Being Accepted Through October 30

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Video Auditions Now Being Accepted Through October 30

Video auditions for The Prom will be accepted October 24-30th. Please record a video that includes the following:

• Your name
• Years of dance experience (if applicable)
• One minute of the song of your choosing
(Please use live or recorded accompaniment. Acapella singing is strongly discouraged.)

Please send audition videos, along with a Completed Audition Form, to or 850-879-0294.

Callbacks will be held on November 1 at the invitation of the production team and will entail a dance call, singing from the show, and script readings.

Rehearsals will be in Tallahassee until the week of tech and we will be off for most of December. Show dates are January 18-21 at Quincy Music Theatre.

Look forward to seeing your auditions!

Character Breakdown by TRW:

Emma – shy and warmhearted high school senior simply wishing to dance with her girlfriend at the prom. She struggles to follow her heart against community pressures.

Dee Dee – TONY® winning actress desperately trying to increase her celebrity and publicity by tackling Emma’s cause. Dee Dee
discovers that true charity can outshine celebrity.

Barry – self-involved Broadway actor eager for celebrity activism to promote his career. Barry finds a kindred spirit in Emma and guides her to be true and proud of herself.

Alyssa Greene – Emma’s love interest who’s caught between her feelings for her girlfriend and the pressures of letting her mom know the truth of who she really is.

Mr. Hawkins – concerned principal of the school and star-struck Broadway fan trying to create a prom for everyone while educating Dee Dee in self-sacrifice.

Trent – “Julliard Trained,” yet struggling, actor who utilizes his small TV celebrity to teach the students larger lessons about tolerance.

Angie – Experienced and knowledgeable Broadway musical veteran who champions Emma’s cause and teaches Emma how to live life with Zazz!

Sheldon – Broadway publicist working his skills and connections to build his clients’ celebrity status and create an audience for Emma’s message.

Mrs. Greene – Alyssa’s mother and president of the PTA who’s committed to maintain a “traditional” prom. She’s too caught up in her own cause to realize her daughter’s desire to reveal who she loves.

Teens – Indiana high schoolers who struggle together to create a place for everyone at the dance.

Parents – concerned parents swayed by Mrs. Greene’s traditional arguments yet ready to follow their children’s guidance.

You can find additional information on vocal ranges and styles at